On the 3rd Thursday of May, we encourage designers, developers, usability professionals, and everyone else to take an hour to experience first-hand the impact of digital accessibility (or lack thereof).

Participate Directly

Karen Mardahl in Denmark has suggested the following additional ideas for designers, developers, and others to take on as part of the day. These will help directly to improving the accessibility of the web and to spreading awareness.

Caption a video – at least prepare a transcript. If it is not your video, send the transcript to the owner and suggest that they follow the information provided by Google for YouTube or 3Play Media for Vimeo to add captions.

Write a blog post on what digital accessibility awareness is and what your (the writer’s) ideas are for raising that awareness.

Create a video demonstrating how you use some type of assistive technology and upload it to YouTube.


There are a number of free tools that can help designers and developers to test the accessibility of their pages. One of these is WAVE – Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool from the folks at WebAIM.

Run this WAVE – Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool on a page or pages you have developed and see how accessible these are to your visitors, including those with different disabilities. Take the results and implement the suggested changes.