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Environment and Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability

Businesses are invested in America’s communities, and a clean, healthy environment is critical for quality of life and economic strength in every community. Companies across industries have undertaken sustainability initiatives to improve their operations and reduce their environmental footprint, utilizing new technology and seeking efficiency.  

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4 Takeaways from the UN COP26 Climate Conference

4 Takeaways from the UN COP26 Climate Conference

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A focus on nuclear energy, methane, and other key issues for business leaders to know about following the UN COP26 Climate Conference.

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Our Work

The U.S. Chamber convenes companies and stakeholders to share best practices and discuss policy and regulatory solutions that will enable the business community to continue to make advances in sustainability. We promote voluntary, flexible—not one-size-fits-all or prescriptive—policy solutions that will unleash business innovation and economic and environmental progress. We also push for federal investments in research and development, infrastructure modernization, smart technologies, and export initiatives that support continued business leadership and sustainable growth. We are engaged on a range of topics critical to ensuring a safe and sustainable future in our society, including climate and carbon markets, digital and smart solutions, precision agriculture and nature-based solutions, public- recycling and waste management, resilient infrastructure, rural development, and water. 

How America Can Support and Grow the 'Hydrogen Economy'

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As climate challenges continue to shape the way companies innovate, the hydrogen economy has grown and has proven to be a viable source of energy.

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